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What is Impersonations Atlanta?

Impersonations Atlanta is a full-charge Marketing and Business Strategy agency founded in 2019 and headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. The team at Impersonations Atlanta is led by Anthonia Berry. Ms. Berry is the owner and operator of Impersonations Atlanta. Ms. Berry has over 17 years of executive-level marketing and business strategy experience across numerous industries.

About Anthonia Berry

Marketing & Business Strategist

Anthonia is a unique and highly sought-after Marketing and Business Strategist. Her experience and know-how allow her to help you develop and scale businesses to the next level.

“Anthonia helped me turn my business into a profitable one in less than four months!”

Working with Anthonia has allowed me to scale my practice and move into global markets that I didn’t know were possible. She helped open my mind to a truly global market that I’ve overlooked for more than a decade.

Paula D.


Anthonia is a freaking genius when it comes to business development. Her ideas are so amazing.

T. Nicole M.

Attorney at Law