Business Planning

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Business Planning Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Starting a Business


Setting up a business is a huge undertaking that can easily become chaotic, without proper business planning backed by a strategy makes the experience downright scary.  Anthonia offers business planning services to help you generate specific goals to ensure that your business will successfully launch with a tailored plan to enter the market. Click on the button below to schedule your business planning session to get your business started.

Succession Planning


When businesses grow and mature they often times require some level of restructuring to ensure that the business goes on despite any changes to the leadership team. It is in every businesses best interest to be prepared to implement a strategic succession plan whenever leadership roles have to be passed to another employee of group of employees to ensure continued success. Click on the link below to schedule a succession planning session to ensure that your business formulates a tailored succession plan to ensure that the company continues to run smoothly despite the changes. Click on the button below to schedule your business planning session with Anthonia.

Market & Industry Assessment


No matter the age of your business it is never too late or too early to assess your market or industry. Carrying out this exercise will give you quantitative and qualitative data, trends and competitor knowledge that can only be obtained through a deep dive into the economic, political and market factors that impact the way the industry develops. You will also access information on the market size (in value and volume), customer segments, buying patterns and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulations. Click on the button below to start you Market and Industry Assessment.

Strategic Business Planning


Anthonia will spend between 6 and 8 hours researching and analyzing to understanding your business and industry. She will perform a deep dive deep into your business, industry and offering based on your specific goals to prepare your strategic business plan. Your strategy session will last for 60-90 mins. long and is where Anthonia will have a one-on-one conversation to walk you through her findings, recommendations and tailored strategic business plans and action items to achieve each business goal. After this session you will have a strategic list of action items to be carried out to develop your business and generate maximum revenue. You will also be provided with a free copy of Anthonia’s, Task Crusher Worksheet to help you remain focused on achieving your set strategic business goals. Click the button below to schedule your strategic business planning session.