In a time of crisis like COVID-19 businesses will need to come up with business recovery plans in response to the new and evolved markets.

their COVID-19 Business Recovery Planning

Unfortunately, many businesses didn’t have a contingency plan in place to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, that doesn’t mean that those businesses should close shop and discontinue their business. Business owners have worked very hard to build their businesses to be successful and because of their resilience and will power to get to where they were prior to COVID-19 there is proof that they can weather this storm by coming up with new and innovative ways to survive during and after the pandemic.

Anthonia has put together a COVID-19 recovery services to help business owners pivot in these uncertain times. While times are challenging Anthonia will help business owners to identify opportunities to rebuild their businesses and even create new opportunities to increase profit margins and expand their business.

Below are the sessions Anthonia will offer through the end of 2020 to work with businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Re-Discovery Session



The re-discovery session will be on-boarding session for Anthonia to have a full understand of your business and what you offer your clients. In this session we will talk in-depth about your offering and what problems you are solving for your you clients. Here we will determine whether or not your offering is still relevant considering the impact COVID-19 has had to your business and industry. During this session Anthonia will gather information that will help you determine whether or not you are able to add or modify your offerings based on your client’s current needs and market demands.

COVID Strategy Session


Prior to this session Anthonia will spend in excess of 8 hours researching and analyzing your business and industry to generate ideas and potential opportunities for your business. After this process has been completed Anthonia will schedule a one-on-one call with you. During the COVID Strategy Session, Anthonia will share her findings and will work with Anthonia to develop specific goals and strategies to bring your new and modified offerings to you clients

Tracking & Accountability Sessions



These sessions are meant to keep you on track and focused on achieving your goals. These sessions will allow opportunities for Anthonia to help with additional idea generation based on findings as you move towards your goals. You will also have the opportunity to ask for feedback and guidance with anything that requires her expert opinion.

Tracking and Accountability Sessions are typically booked in blocks of 4 sessions.

I didn’t fully understand the concept of business development and its value until I worked with Anthonia. Now that I’m fully aware of its value I work with Anthonia on an ongoing basis to continually develop my business.

E. Johnson

President, Construction Company

There are countless personal trainers offering their services to clients. Anthonia has helped me differentiate myself and my business from other personal trainers in the market allowing me to substantially expand my business and was even hired additional personnel.

Jason W.

CEO, Personal Trainer

The Real Estate market is a very competitive space to be in at this time. Anthonia was able to remind me of the relational aspect of the industry and helped me develop my business and business relationships that have helped me grow my
business. Gina B.

Gina B.

CEO, Real Estate