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Hello and welcome to Anthonia’s Strategy Academy Beta Program!

We hope that you are ready for an eye-opening experience where you will have an opportunity to genuinely build out your unique brand strategy. The Brand Strategy Beta Program is a fully virtual program that will provide you with learning content through guided lectures and worksheets. These materials will help you define your brand and what you want it to represent.

The Brand Strategy Beta Program will run for 4 weeks with weekly one-on-one virtual meetings with Anthonia. The program lectures are self-paced and allow you to revisit the content if you missed something or just need to watch it again. As you work through the brand strategy material you will seamlessly build out your brand strategy as you answer the questions on the worksheet and tailor your responses to your brand.

Once the 4-week program has ended you will have a final one-on-one virtual meeting with Anthonia to provide feedback on your experience with the program. This feedback will equip Anthonia with the necessary adjustments that she needs to make for her live program to be a success.

As a bonus, you will get to work on building your brand at no extra cost 

with Anthonia’s Marketing Services Beta Program, once completed you will provide feedback on your experience and then be provided with your branded materials for immediate use.

And lastly, we ask that you refer a friend to receive a 10% referral fee paid directly to you for each referral that signs up for the full program!

Welcome aboard and we look forward to working with you.

we are so glad that you are here

Now let’s Get to Work

What you will do

  • Download the program documents for Module 1: Brand Strategy Beta Program
  • Follow the instructions listed on the instructions sheet you received at Registration.
  • Access the self-paced lectures at the link provided.
  • Work through the questions on the worksheet to build out your unique brand strategy
  • Meet with Anthonia on a virtual call once per week over 4 weeks to work through each of the sections of the module
  • Provide feedback on your experience and things that you would change for the live program
  • Implement your new brand strategy
  • Refer a friend to sign up for Anthonia’s Strategy Academy for a 10% referral fee
  • Bonus: Take advantage of Anthonia’s Marketing Services Beta Program to build your logo, social media pages, stationary templates etc.

How it works

The Strategy Academy Beta Program is meant to be a win-win for all parties involved. While Anthonia will be able to identify any challenges and take advantage of opportunities to perfect the product, participants will have an opportunity to work directly with Anthonia to build out their unique brand strategy. The end product will be unique to your practice and ready for implementation at the end of the program. As a bonus, Anthonia will allow Beta Program participants access to her Marketing Services Beta Program at no extra cost. This will allow for immediate implementation and production of marketing content and materials for each participant under Anthonia’s guidance.

How we will do it

Once participants have registered for the Beta Program they will be directed to the lectures and worksheet that go along with the Brand Strategy Beta Program. The lectures can be access and watched at your leisure and you are welcomed to watch them at your pace. You will also have an opportunity to replay the lecture if you would like to revisit any of the content.

What you will get

  • Access to Module 1: Brand Strategy of Anthonia’s signature program
  • A unique brand strategy built specifically for your practice
  • Course content valued at over $900 for a significantly lower price
  • One-on-one virtual calls with Anthonia once per week for 4 weeks to ask questions and to get expert advice on your progress. Anthonia will also work with you to generate ideas if you will need some assistance in that area.
  • Bonus – access to Anthonia’s Marketing Services Beta Program at no extra cost, where you will build out your logo and branding


*as a bonus*

You will Also Get access to the beta Program for my marketing services

You will get:

Website Analytics SetUP

Stationary Creation

Social Media  SetUp | Management

Website Updates | Maintenance


Artwork | Ad Creation

What’s Next?

  • You will complete the intake form to apply to participate in the Beta Program
  • Once approved you will register for the Brand Strategy Beta Program, you will register for the Beta Program though this link
  • Watch the lectures and start working on the worksheet provided.
  • Schedule your one-on-one sessions with Anthonia for each week during the beta period – you may schedule these each week or all at once over a 4-week period

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Refer a friend and receive a 10% referral fee.

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