Welcome to Anthonia’s Strategy Academy

Anthonia’s Strategy Academy is comprised of a series of business development strategies used to launch and re-launch law firms. The Academy allows DIY Attorneys to go through the interactive course online at their own place or the option to work directly with Anthonia on each of the pillars that make up the series within the academy.

Each section of the Academy will build the cornerstones of the foundation needed to build, launch or relaunch a law practice and can be retrofitted to match any attorney that has a goal to generate business in a streamlined and strategic way.

Below are a few of the building blocks that make up Anthonia’s Strategy Academy program, designed to help you generate new revenue, scale your business and manage competitive threats.

Website Strategy

This is a road map that will take your prospects from where they arrive on your website to where you want them to be.



Marketing and Content Strategy

We will create and place valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience.


Brand Strategy

We will generate the 7 components that will help you define your brand strategy to build your brand. 


Your Signature Offer

In this module we will determine what makes your brand recognizable – what your firm is known for.


Growth Strategy

This is a plan of action on how you will grow and expand your business to secure a larger share of the market.


Market Analysis

A comprehensive evaluation will be done to produce a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your market. To determine the size, volume, and value.



“I was one of the first lawyers to go through Anthonia’s Strategy Academy program, I am very impressed with my results this year, even through Covid.”

S. Collins, Litigation Attorney